Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - W

water resistant:a sun protectant which maintains the level of its SPF after 40 minutes of bathing, sweating or swimming.
wheal:a swelling in the skin which produces an elevated, spongy, soft area which can appear suddenly and usually disappears within 24 hours. Can be the result of common allergic reactions to insect bites, drugs or anything which has touched the skin. Also known as a hive.
whole leaf aloe vera:the entire aloe vera leaf is used. This ensures that all the beneficial ingredients (vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, etc.) found naturally in aloe vera are present and used in your skin and face care products. Nancy K Brown use whole leaf cold processed aloe vera exclusively. The industry standard is matrix aloe - which only uses the interior watery part - the matrix - of the aloe vera leaf - throwing away more than 80% of aloe vera's beneficial ingredients.

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