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Modern skin and beauty care was born with the introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (A.H.A.'s), particularly Glycolic Acid. Since the introduction of Glycolic Acid, skin and beauty care have been reinvigorated and revolutionized. It has brought a new way of thinking and opened frontiers and possibilities previously thought unobtainable. Results previously promised, yet never delivered, are now reality. An emphasis on effective, quality ingredients and formulations resulted.

NANCY K. BROWN has been at the forefront in the development of effective Glycolic Acid formulations for chemical and skin peeling / exfoliation, to bring you, our customer, products that work and the results you expect and demand. From the beginning NANCY K. BROWN has focused on Glycolic Acid, the most effective member of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids family of skin exfoliants and chemical peels. Introduced under the name Aloe Exfoliant®, NANCY K. BROWN produced an industry-leading blend of the purest Glycolic Acid and Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera, bringing you the world's most effectve skin and chemical peeling / exfoliation products - offering the benefits of the best results with:

- less burning

- less dryness

- less stinging

- less irritation

- more comfort

Aloe Exfoliant® Glycolic Acid represents a major breakthrough and advancement in the all-important area of skin exfoliation / skin and chemical peeling. Exfoliation / chemical and skin peeling is an integral part of Nancy K. Brown's overall skin, beauty and health care philosophy of Preventive and Corrective Care. At Nancy K. Brown we believe that a healthy skin enhances the quality of life and is an important part of a healthy and productive life, from a physical, emotional and psychological standpoint.

Nancy K. Brown's Aloe Exfoliant® Glycolic Acid containing products, available in gels, creams or lotions, offer help with the following conditions:


   aging and thinning skin dry / dehydrated skin
   fine lines and wrinkles  sensitive / dehydrated skin
   oily skin  enlarged pores
   • juvenile acne  razor bumps
   adult acne  ingrown hair (face & body)
   pigmentation / discoloration problems  congested skin
   photo-damaged / aged skin  acne scars



For those struggling with skin problems, Nancy K. Brown Preventive and Corrective Skin Care products, in addition to the benefits listed above will also provide help with:  


    a. opening up and removing active acne
    b. softening and dislodging stubborn sebum in the ducts, pores and follicles
    c. minimizing enlarged pores
    d. aiding in the lightening and removal of hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration
    e. exfoliating ingrown hair and razor bumps



'Glycolic Acid is the better and safest peeling agent', of all A.H.A.'s, ' it can stimulate formation of collagen in the superficial dermis, improving skin's vascularity and the elastic fibers of the reticular dermis.'  - Romulo Mene, MD

'Using Glycolic, fine wrinkling improved 74% on hands, 74% on forearm & 85% in face, after only four weeks of use'   - Armand Newman, MD, FAAD

"Before I began using the (Nancy K. Brown) products my face was red over my check bone area, my pores on my nose and around my mouth/chin were constantly filling up with blackheads and my face was quite bumpy with an uneven texture. After my first Aloe Exfoliant facial I noticed a smoothness to my skin and a shrinking of my pores. I have now used the products (at home) for three weeks and just finished my second facial with the (professional strength) products (in the salon) and my skin feels so soft and smooth."         - Colleen L.

                    Original testimonials held on file at Nancy K. Brown (N.K.B.) Aesthetics, Inc. head office.

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