How to use your wood foot file / paddle for best results

getting the best results from your wood foot file / paddle is simple if you follow these simple guidelines:

Choose the best quality wood foot file / paddle you can find - we recommended the Nancy K Brown Wood Foot File / Paddle that:

  • is the exact same foot / pedicure file, of the exact same quality used in salons / spas and by foot care / pedicure professionals
  • is solid wood construction
  • thick enough so you can use some force and it will not snap
  • ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand and does not have sharp edgeswood foot file, two sided, solid wood, washable and disinfectable by Nancy K Brown
  • is waterproof                                                                                     
  • has two different grit surfaces:
    • rough surface for the hard work
    • finer surface for the detail work
  • can be properly cleaned and disinfected
  • is long lasting



  1. START by using your dry wood foot file / paddle on dry feet with the ROUGH FILING SURFACE (the English language side) first:
    • remove the rough, flaking callus from your feet, beginning at the heel and moving forward to the ball of the feet
    • remove callus from the sides of your feet   Foot care tools and products by Nancy K Brown
    • remove callus from your toes and from in between your toes
    • IMPORTANT: make certain not to be too aggressive - leave some callus - as this acts as a cushion when walking and protects your feet
  2. WASH your feet thoroughly
  3. SMOOTH and POLISH: wet your wood foot file / paddle and with the FINER FILING SURFACE (the French language side):
    • file to polish feet to a smooth velvery soft finish
  4. WASH your feet thoroughly
  5. FINISH: massage your favourite foot creme, such as the Foot Repair / Maintenance Creme by Nancy K Brown, into your feet to moisturize and condition.




If you discover fungal issues on your toes nails or on your feet, this is the time to address them. For toe nail fungal issues use the Formula F brush-on, for fungal issues on your feet use the Formula F spray-on.

To properly trim and shape your toe nails, we recommend the proper files and buffers for quality results - see here for professional quality toe nail files and buffers by Soft Touch / Rudolph offered by Nancy K Brown.

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