Ridges in Nails

Nail Ridge problems - reasons and solutions !



  1. stress on nail bed, through overuse or abuse of nails.
  2. injury to nail bed or cuticle - through impact. For example through impact of object falling on toe or hammer on finger.
  3. nails too long.
  4. more prevalent as you age, as nail growth slows.
  5. may also be caused by deterioration of quality of nail, due to less calcium intake.




  1. be gentle with your hands, fingers, feet and nails avoid putting undue stress on nails.
    • do not use finger nails as tools, when proper implements are better suited for the task.
    • wear gloves when doing manual tasks such as gardening or construction.
    • keep finger and toe nails properly trimmed, nails which are too long put unnecessary stress on nail bed.
    • be careful to avoid bumping and injuries.
  2. keep nails properly trimmed with quality nail care tools, clippers and files.
  3. use quality nail care products to protect nails and bring them back into good shape with conditioners for nails and cuticles by Salon Sciences.
  4. while your nails are being brought back into shape, for immediate help with ridges use Ridge Filler by Salon Sciences.


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