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Nancy K Brown Professional Salon and Spa Literature & Resources

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  Professional salon and spa TOPICS and ISSUES:

   • what is the proper brush for Glycolic and other AHA product application?

   • Client History and Consultation Form 
  Professional STUDIES:
   • Aloe Vera a review of the scientific literature
  BROCHURES - Aloe Exfoliant and Nancy K Brown product usage:
   • Client Glycolic HomeCare Usage Brochure - English
   • Brochure sur l'utilisation de l'acide glycolique pour les soins à domicile des clients par Nancy K Brown
   • Client Glycolic HomeCare Usage Brochure - Chinese (Classical Mandarin)
  BROCHURES - Nancy K Brown product descriptions:
   • Client Home Care Products description brochure
   • Salon Sciences Nail Care Products Information
   • Soft Touch Wrap Gel System Information
 Nancy K Brown Product Description / Comparison / Reference flyers:
     Skin Care - steps 1 thru 5
         • Cleansers - Step 1
         • Toners - Step 2
         • Exfoliants - (Glycolic & Glycolic + Salicylic) - Step 3
         • Hydrators - Step 4
           Daytime - Step 5
         • Sun Defense® Shields - (Sun Defense Shields)
           Night-time - Step 5
         • Aloe Night Creme & Firming Night Creme
         • Rejuvenating Night Cremes
            Eye Care - Eye Care Products
            Serums - Serums 1 & 2 or Serums 3 & 4
     Body Care
         • Hand & Body Lotion + Body Polish (Scrub)
    NEW Wax Care - call 800.665.4407 to order
         • Salon / Spa waxes, wax roll products and waxing accessories
     Hand Care
         • Hand Care - part 1
         • Hand Care - part 2
     Foot Care
         • Foot Care - part 1
         • Foot Care - part 2
     Nail Care - professional nail treatments and therapies by Salon Sciences
         • Nail Treatments by Salon Sciences from Nancy K Brown


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