Skin Care Terminology and Facts Dictionary - V

vesicle:small, fuild-filled spot 5mm or 0.20 inches or smaller in diameter. Burns, chickenpox, allergic reactions, shingles (Herpes zoster) and irritation form vesicles. A bulla is a vesicle larger than 5mm or 0.20 inches in diameter.
vitamin A:comes in various forms, most prevelant in skin care is Retinyl Palmitate (INCI name). Helps improve the texture of skin, including fine lines and wrinkles.
vitamin C:Ascorbic Acid (INCI name). Powerful systemic (internal) and topical anti-oxidant, water-soluble. Must be stabilized to remain potent and effective. Used to stimulate collagen production by the skin's fibroblasts. Also used as a preservative in cosmetics in its water phase and in its fat-soluble form. When vitamin C containing products become dark, the vitamin C has been used up and is nolonger active. Certain compounds such as Magnesium L-Ascorbyl Complex offer a unique form of vitamin C - it is converted into vitamin C by the skin's metabolism once absorbed by the skin - thus giving a fresh, potent and effective vitamin C. See Nancy K Brown AloCel C for one of the most potent vitamin C products available today.
vitamin D:regulates cell turnover - the speed at which new cells are produced by the skin.
vitamin E:Tocopherol (INCI name). Fat-soluble anti-oxidant, helps protect cell membranes from oxidation (free-radical damage) by binding to lipid (fat) free-radicals and neutralizing them. Used in skin care for its anti-oxidant, emmollient and preservative properties.
vitis vinifera:INCI name of Grape Seed (Extract): botanical extract from the seeds of grapes, contains proanthocyanidins and resveratrol. Grape Seed Extract is used for its powerful antioxidant properties. Rich source of Vitamin E. Helps 1) reduce swelling, 2) improve circulation, 3) with skin collagen production, 4) with deeper wrinkles, 5) fight oxidative damage, 6) with injury / wound healing, 7) cell membrane quality.
vulneraries:herbs that help promote the healing of wounds by promoting cell growth and repair. Others in this category include: cayenne, comfrey, garlic, rosemary, calendula and thyme.

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