Proper Eye Care Choices and Techniques - common eye care mistakes


The skin around your eyes is different from that of any other area of your body. The eye area's skin is delicate, thin, has few pores and oil glands, yet you can treat this area effectively and achieve great results if a few simple rules and procedures are followed.

First the common mistakes:

  • wrong products: it is best to use products that are specially formulated for the eye area.
    • these should be light and easily absorbed, why?
      • use of heavy, rich, occlusive products such as standard creams or lotions leave a film and are not absorb, rather they linger on the skin, resulting in irritation
      • can result in milia and other skin clogging issues.
  • use of too much product: little goes a long way, use eye area products sparingly.
    • too much, is too much, why?
      • the skin, especially in the eye area, can only absorb soo much, the rest lingers on the surface.
  • wrong skin cleanser:
    • choose and use a skin cleanser that is:          
      • gentle:
        • a cleanser does not have to be harsh to be effective, harsh means irritation and inflammation.
      • water rinsable:
        • a tissue off cleanser will leave a film behind and the removal process will stretch and irritate the skin.
      • free of exfoliants:
        • exfoliants in cleansers are a waste of time, the cleanser is not on the skin long enough for the exfoliant to do its work, rather what you will get is irritation.
      • free of disinfectants:
        • disinfectants in skin care products are not necessary, they upset the balance of the skin and are knowskin irritants and sensitizers, causing unnecessary irritation.
      • free of alcohol and witch hazel - know skin irritants and sensitizers.
      • free of colour agents:
        • are known sources of skin irritatants and sensitizers.
      • formulated with natural foaming ingredients such as Aloe Vera:
        • artificial foaming agents, such as sodium laurel sulfate and sodium lauerth sulfate are know skin irritants and sensitizers
  • harsh eye makeup remover - same concerns and considerations as cleanser
  • sleep issues - have an often under estimated influence on the skin and especially the eye area:
    • not getting enough rest
    • failure to get deep sleep or uninterrupted sleep - may be caused by:
      • use of electronic devices (emit blue light) before going to sleep
      • sleeping in a room that is not completely dark.

Eye Care skin care products with Aloe Vera by Nancy K Brown

What to do? How to avoid common eye skin care mistakes?

Be gentle with the skin around your eyes and:

  • choose and use the proper products specially formulated for the eye area and for the issues the skin around your eyes is experiencing, for specially formulated skin care products for the eye area click here
  • for eye area cleansers that are gentle, effective and naturally foaming - click here 
  • for effective, gentle eye makeup remover - click here
  • properly apply products around the eye area - click here for details
  • apply products at the proper time - to avoid irritation in the eye area - click here for details


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