Glycolic Acid, Sun and Sun Care

Glycolic Acid, the sun and sun care - explained - what are the facts !

Can Glycolic Acid be used throughout the year ? The answer is a definite: Yes !

Glycolic Acid should be part of any quanlity, result oriented skin care regimen for women and men of all ages, throughout the year, during all seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. It is a fallacy that you should not use Glycolic Acid during the summer. Those who make this statement are not doing you or your skin a favor, rather the exact opposite. These same people often say that you should not exfoliate at all during the summer months.

The argument against the use of Glycolic Acid during the summer months makes absolutely no sense. The argument goes something like this: 'the layer of dead skin has SPF value and protects against the sun.' Since Glycolic Acid exfoliates, it removes this magical sun protection layer, they say. This is nonsense, the layer of dead skin on on your skin's surface does not give any kind of protection, it does not have magical sun protection properties, rather the opposite.

The layer of dead skin acts as a barrier which interfers with and prevents products you apply from doing their job. This is especially true for the Sun Protection Products, particularly sunscreens, you apply. In order for sunscreens to provide you with proper protection, they must combine with the skin, so they can form their protective UVA and UVB filtration layer. The dead skin on your skin's surface, if not properly removed via exfoliation, will prevent this from occurring. As a result you will go out into the sun, believing you are protected, while in reality you are not.

A skin not properly exfoliated will also not be able to use After-Sun Care Products to their maximum benefit, since these will have a hard time being absorbed and thus getting through to where they are needed most.

Exfoliation, with Glycolic Acid or otherwise, when correctly done and supported with the proper skin care products: cleanser, toner, hydrator and sun care will enhance the effectiveness and Results of your skin care products, especially your Sun Care Products.

Exfoliation and Sun Care go hand in hand and should be part of any quality skincare regimen, throughout the year.

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