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Jojoba 'Oil' - Ester:Jojoba Oil and Ester are used in skin care products as an emollient and anti-oxidant. Despite popular lore, Jojoba extract commonly called an oil is in fact not an oil, the extract is a liquid wax or ester.  Botanical name: Simmondsia chinensis, popularly know as: goat nut, deer nut, pignut, wild hazel, coffeeberry or grey box bush. Is an evergreen shrub Native to North America, grows in the Sonora and Mojave Deserts of Arizona, California, Utah and Mexico. Jojoba extract is different from other plant extracts (oils) in that it is composed almost completely (97%) of wax esters of monounsaturated, straight-chain acids and alcohols with high molecular weights (carbon chain lengths from 36 to 46). Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Esters are more similar to sebum and whale oil than to traditional vegetable oils - making them excellent for use in skin care - including for oily, acne prone and acneic. Jojoba helps emulsify skin oils and sebum from skin, will not clog pores, helps calm and reduce inflammation from acne. Nancy K Brown uses Jojoba in various skin care products and offers a 100% pure, organic, virgin cold press Jojoba for face and body care click here for details.

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