Rosacea: Explained - with solutions for relief and management

from Nancy K Brown


The term comes from the Latin, the feminine of rosaceus, meaning "rose-coloured". Refers to the persistent redness of the nose and areas of the face that normally blush !


  • exact causes are unknown
  • possible interaction between genetic predisposition and environmental triggers


   WHAT ROSACEA IS NOT:                                                                                         

  • is not contagious !
  • is not regular blushing or flushing of the skin
  • only affects certain ethnic groups? - wrong, rosacea can affect everyone - infants, children and adults - men and women alike - from any ethnic group.


  • the persistent facial redness:
    • marked by visible distended blood vessels
    • characterized by stinging, burning and at times swollen nose, cheeks, etc.
  • flushing / blushing is temporary and subsides after a little while, for people with rosacea this is not the case.

    For those suffering with rosacea, the blood builds-up and does not subside efficiently, because:

    • blood vessels in the face and nose do not work properly at regulating blood flow in the face and nose
    • too much blood rises to the surface
    • causes more flushing, redness and swelling of the skin than normal


  • no known 'cure'. - has to be managed for relief and control
  • avoid the triggers which set off your rosacea - to discover these, keep a diary, tracking when flare-ups occur
    • see below TRIGGERS for ROSACEA for helpful suggestions
  • choose simple, quality, straight-forward skin care products - such as those offered by Nancy K Brown
    • products that are:
      • fragrance free   • colour free  • filler free   • soap free cleansers   • disinfectant free   • non-comedogenic   • non-allergenic  • alcohol free
    • quality Aloe Vera based skin care products (not the green coloured stuff often found in drug stores, etc.), offer great benefit for the relief and management of rosacea
  • do not scrub skin with products, cleaning cloths or loofahs
  • do not use products which contain antibacterial ingredients - these will dry your skin out, aggravating the condition and potentially causing other issues.


Nancy K Brown has unique simple solutions for rosacea:

- soothing, calming, hydrating products and regimens are best. Products with real, quality Aloe Vera from Nancy K Brown, provide soothing, calming, and the all important hydration - helping to properly manage blood flow in the areas affected by rosacea. Hydration brings moisture into the skin - helping to replenish skin's internal moisture reservoir, to normalize skin metabolism and circulation - which in turn will reduce irritation, thus reducing redness and sensitivities.

PRODUCTS FOR ROSACEA management - for relief and control:

- with any of these kits / regimens - applicable for your specific skin / condition - you should begin to experience improvement and relief within about 2 weeks !

NOTE: to get the most benefit from these kits / regimens - do not mix and match with other products !

- these kits / regimens can be ordered in Starter / Intro packs and Full size kits


            (these are the most common, but not an exhaustive list, many more exist, as rosacea is a highly individual


  • Beverages:
    • hot beverages
      • reduce temperature of beverages
    • alcohol - does not mean one is an alcoholic - rather it can cause flare-ups
      • reduce alcohol consumption
  • Climate:
    • temperature - overly warm - can cause increased blood flow and facial flushing
    • wind burn
      • bundle up when going into the cold - cover face
    • sun exposure - most common facial rosacea trigger
      • go outside early morning or evening - when sun at its weakest
      • wear sun protective skin care
      • wear hat
  • Physical activity and exercise:
    • can lead to overheating and cause flare-ups
    • when cooling down - drink lots of fluids
    • outdoor exercise - do in early morning or evening when sun at its weakest
  • Hormones - women are especially susceptible to this category:
    • changing levels of hormones, such as during certain times in menstrual cycle or pregnancy
  • Foods: - keep a food journal to determine which foods cause flare-ups for you
    • spicy foods
    • large hot meals
    • dairy products
    • chocolate
    • certain citrus fruits
    • foods high in histamine - including some cheeses, aubergine (egg plant), spinach, vinegar, soy sauce, etc.
  • Skin Care:
    • avoid products with alcohol, disinfectants, antibacterial ingredients, fragrances, colouring agents
    • avoid heavy creams and lotions
    • avoid products that require lots of rubbing to remove
    • avoid physical scrubs
    • avoid products specifically designed for acne
    • use mild, soap free cleansers
  • Stress - causes hormone fluctuations, triggering processes in the body to elevated levels, causing flare-ups.
  • Medical conditions:
    • menopause
    • chronic coughs
    • high blood pressure

   TYPES OF ROSACEA: 4 kinds


  • facial redness
  • most common
  • 3/4 of people with rosacea
  • bumps (papules) or pimples (pustules)
  • these can come and go
  • can be accompanied by red patches
  • skin thickening
  • excess tissue
  • can also have enlarged nose
  • irregular surface nodules (bump-like lesions)
  • can occur with types 1 & 2
  • watery & blood shot eyes
  • tearing and burning, swollen eye lids
  • recurrent styes (pimple like growth on inside or outside of eyelid - due to infection of oil gland on edge of eyelid).



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