Self Tanning and Skin Exfoliation

Self Tanning and Skin / Face Exfoliation / Peeling explained

The secret to a beautiful, realist looking self tan! The secret to a longer lasting self tan! Answer: EXFOLIATE, EXFOLIATE and EXFOLIATE before, during and after your tan.

Before first application of your self tanner:

  • exfoliate to get rid of dead skin:
    • this provides you with a smooth even skin surface for even application
      • dead skin does not absorb tanner evenly
      • dead skin sluffs off, tan will not last as long
    • glycolic works most efficiently, either in gel or lotion form.
  • moisturize dry skin around knees, elbows, hands and feet prior to applying your self tanner (dry skin can tan up to six shades darker, making for an uneven and unnatural looking tan)

Between self tanner applications:

  • exfoliate - will keep your tan on more evenly

Nancy K Brown offers several choices for exfoliants to help your self tan be natural:

tip 1: wait 24 hours after you have had a wax done before applying your self tanner

tip 2: apply your tanner all over your body for the most natural look

Happy tanning - all year long.

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