Breasts - the facts

Some Facts About The Human Female Breast

  • breast development begins when girls reach puberty, about 10 - 11 years of age        
  • breast are made-up of fatty (adipose) tissue, which is held together by the skin - they do not contain muscles
  • breasts contain Cooper's ligaments, which together with the skin, give support and firmness, with age these breakdown, loose elasticity and the breasts sag - that is why it is so important to maintain the quality of your breasts skin - with the Nancy K. Brown Bust and Neck Toning Creme
  • exercise will not increase breast size
  • exercise will tone the breasts, by strengthening the pectoral muscles, found below the adipose breast tissue
  • the average cup size, worldwide, is B
  • many women have asymmetrical breasts - one breast being larger than the other.

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