What is skin exfoliation and chemical or mechanical peeling?

Your skin continually renews itself. New cells are formed in the basal layer; these cells are pushed to the surface as newer ones form underneath. Skin exfoliation and peeling is the process whereby skin cells that have died off upon reaching the skin's outer layer are sloughed off. It is a natural part of skin renewal.

The removal of these layers of dead skin cells, which form a barrier on top of healthy, live skin, and obstruct the pores, ducts and follicles of the skin, often requires assistance as the skin itself is unable to do the process efficiently. This inability results in many skin problems. The reasons for this inability of the skin to slough off dead cells efficiently are numerous, as many human activities interfere with the body's natural processes. The use of makeup, perfume, pollution, stress, diet and improperly formulated skin care products are but a few of the causes.

A properly exfoliated skin allows the skin and pores to breath. A properly exfoliated skin also allows the ingredients found in skin care products to reach their target areas and tissues without the obstruction of dead skin for better results.

There are two methods of skin exfoliation, mechanical and chemical, of these two Nancy K. Brown advocates the use of the chemical skin exfoliation and peeling, specifically with the use of Glycolic Acid. Nancy K. Brown's unique blend of Glycolic Acid and Aloe Vera, called Aloe Exfoliant®, is the skin care and beauty industry leader for chemical skin peels. Aloe Exfoliant® Glycolic Acid gives unparalleled skin  / chemical peeling results with less burn, less dryness, less sting, less irritation and more comfort.


a)Mechanical exfoliation is performed with scrubs, loofahs and machines (micro-dermabrasion, etc.).
b)Chemical exfoliation and peeling is performed with Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA's), especially Glycolic Acid, and other skin care acids



Chemical Skin Exfoliation and Peeling vs. Mechanical Skin Exfoliation:
The mechanical exfoliation is not as efficient or thorough as chemical exfoliation and peeling. Scrubs, loofahs, etc., only perform a superficial surface removal of dead skin, they are unable to remove dead skin cells, dirt and debris from the pores, ducts and follicles. As a result they clog the skin and lead to many skin problems.

Mechanical skin exfoliation, scrubbing and rubbing, in reality is only half a skin exfoliation, failing to assist the most important areas of the skin. Mechanical skin exfoliants may also cause some undesired side effects, such as irritation, bruising and tearing of the skin.

Chemical skin exfoliation and peeling gives a much more complete removal of dead skin cells, not only removing them from the surface, but also from within the pores, ducts and follicles of the skin. Properly formulated and used chemical skin exfoliants and peels will not cause bruising or tearing and should not irritate. Skin exfoliation / peeling is beneficial for the skin of the face and all other parts of the body - legs, arms, chest, back and hands - to keep them in optimal shape.

Glycolic Acid, of all skin and beauty care ingredients available for chemical skin exfoliation and peeling, is the most effective and efficient, for its benefits are go far beyond just exfoliation and peeling of the skin.

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