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Searching for a good Vitamin C creme? Look no further - your search is over! You have found it!

Many skin care lines promise a stable vitamin C product, but few have, will, or can deliver.

Vitamin C containing products are notoriously unstable and difficult to formulate. Many oxidize (i.e. turn color) which is not what you want. Despite what some companies have let you to believe, when a product containing vitamins turns (becomes dark), it has lost its potency. The vitamins it contains have been oxidized by free radicals. No amount of refrigeration can reverse this process! In fact, applying these products to your skin does more harm than good. By using oxidized products, you are introducing free radicals to your skin instead of fighting them!

Nancy K. Brown's AloCel C is unique. It is one of the few stable vitamin C cremes on the market today. Brimming with various forms of Vitamin C, AloCel C retains its full potency.

AloCel C offers all skin types - but especially oily, acne prone, acneic skins - a powerful stable rejuvenating anti-oxidant therapy treatment creme with a potent formulation of a variety of different forms of vitamin C.

We invite you to use it and discover the answer to your search.