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Skin covers the entire body, not just the face !

Most people, however, lavish care and attention upon the skin of their face, giving scant thought to the rest of the body. "But the skin on the face needs more care, because it is more delicate", is often the reason given. Yet all of your skin deserves care and attention.

Besides looking better, longer, if properly cared for, skin is the body's largest organ and its first line of defense against infection and disease. Healthy, properly cared for skin, regardless where it is on the body, is vital for longevity and maintaining health.

Taking care of yourself, your body and your skin can best be done through a holistic two pronged approach - from the outside and the inside. Available to you here are products which will assist you with both the daily external and internal components of this two pronged approach.

Helping you to address:
  • the EXFOLIATION needs of the skin of the "rest" of the body
  • the CONTOURING & SHAPING needs of the skin of the "rest" of the body
  • the MOISTURIZATION needs of the skin of the "rest" of the body
  • the internal component of the two pronged approach with HEALTH DRINKS.

Helping you to maintain and improve the vitality and quality of your body's skin with products which work from the outside and inside is our goal.

Love all of your skin - it's all there is between you and everything else out there.