Super Cone

finer detail callus removal bit

revolutionary pedicure / podiatry tool for the easy, efficient and safe removal of calluses in hard to reach places.

Designed to do the finer detailed removal of callus buildup from hard to reach places of the feet.super cone pedicure bit

benefits / advantages:

  • eliminates the need for knives and blades
  • will not cut into healthy tissue* - only removes calluses
  • designed with blunt tip, to safely get into hard to reach places - between toes, in crevices, etc.
  • made from sapphire
  • with stainless steel shaft
  • 3/32" diameter shaft
  • compatible for use with most electric pedicure machines such as the Pro 3000M or the MicroLux
  • fully washable, sanitizable and disinfectable
  • durable


how to clean:


  • bit may be cleaned with soap + water, alcohol, Barbecide and ultrasonic cleaner or combination thereof
  • do not use acetone, bead sterilizer or autoclave

*When used properly and with appropriate care and supervision. Not to be used on wounds, sores, lesions or inflammed skin or tissues. Common sense caution applies!

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