Cotton and Muslin Waxing Strip Rolls

waxing strips cotton white available from Nancy K Brown



  • professional salon / spa quality 100% natural waxing cotton supplies
  • width specially designed for speedy and efficient professional salon and spa waxing services




WHITE 100% natural COTTON waxing rolls - tight and firm weave


100% white natural cotton

3 inches x 40 yards

7.62 cm x 27.43 meters

6 or more 10.95 eachregular price 12.95 each

100% white natural cotton SUPER SOFT

3 inches x 40 yards

7.62 cm x 27.43 meters

6 or more 11.95 each
regular price 13.95 each
MUSLIN waxing rolls (100% natural cotton non-bleached) - loose weave

MUSLIN 100% natural cotton (non-bleached)

3 inches x 100 yards

7.62 cm x 91.44 meters

6 or more 23.95 each
regular price 25.95 each


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Nancy K Brown depilatory hair removal products, liquid waxes, hard brick waxes, cotton strip rolls and muslin strip rolls are made in Canada from the finest natural ingredients and materials, to offer salon and spa hair removal professionals with the most efficient and effective waxing products for their services at the best wholesale prices in the beauty industry. Also available are Aloe Vera wax care products - the Aloe Pre-Wax Numbing Liquid and Aloe Post-Wax Calming Gel made from the purest Aloe Vera to help soothe, calm skin and counter act bruising.


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