Second Stage Age Control + Glycolic Acid by Salon Sciences

Nancy K Brown : Second Stage Age Control + Glycolic Acid by Salon Sciences
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Glycolic Conditioning Strengthener

by Salon Sciences is a therapeutic nail treatment to help combat the effects of age on nails - brittleness, peeling, ridges, splits and cracks - by:
  • providing your nails with Glycolic Acid to help improve nail texture and smoothness
  • providing Hyaluronic Acid to help improve nail hydration and reduce brittleness
  • providing your nails with Elastin to help improve the flexibility and resilience
  • providing your nails with Iron and Zinc to reinforce and revitalize
  • strengthening, fortifying and protecting your nails with Biotin
  • seals and protects like professional acrylics without harsh nail damaging chemicals
  • helps your natural nails grow stronger and longer...naturally
  • fast drying
  • nourishing, conditioning, moisturizing, hydrating and restoring
  • toluene and formaldehyde free for safer and environmentally friendly use

providing you with STRONG, FLEXIBLE, SMOOTH youthful looking NATURAL nails that are less likely to break, peel, crack or split.

WHEN TO USE: on natural nails as a base coat and topcoat or alone as a clear finishing gloss.

HOW TO USE: apply one (1) coat of Second Stage Age Control to clean, dry, bare nails, free of all traces of oil, soap, or cuticle preparations. Use as a base and topcoat along with nail polish or alone as a clear gloss. Apply on top of nail surface and around and under the free edge of the nail. For maximum protection and best results, apply an additional coat every two or three days. Remove as needed with a gentle polish remover and repeat application procedure.

15ml / 1/2 oz. fl. US

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part of the line of finger and toe nail and cuticle care products by Salon Science / Salon Sciences