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Nancy K Brown : Fiberglass Network by Salon Sciences
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brush-on fiberglass nail strengthening system

reinforces your nails with the extraordinary strength of FIBREGLASS with Fiberglass Network by Salon Sciences, with:
  • incredibly strong and flexible
  • high density polymer shield
  • reinforces nails like salon overlays without the time consuming application process and expense
  • protects and strengthens weak, fragile nails
  • helps against breaking, peeling, bending, cracking, chipping or splitting
  • allows your nails to grow strong and long ... naturally
  • quick drying
  • no wraps
  • no glues
  • gentle on nails
  • removes easily with polish remover
  • toluene and formaldehyde free for safer and environmentally friendly use
  • easy to use, applies like a polish - just brush-on
  • use as a base coat on natural nails or over artificial nail tips

WHEN TO USE: as a base coat on natural nails or over artificial nail tips.  

HOW TO USE: onto clean, dry, bare nails - free of all traces of oil, soap, or cuticle preparations - brush one (1) or two (2) thin coats of Fiberglass Network as a base coat, let dry. Buff down with nail buffer or apply one (1) coat of Smooth Start Ridgefiller overtop to smooth surface. Proceed with normal manicure, by applying nail polish and topcoat. Remove as needed with a gentle polish remover and repeat application procedure.

15ml / 1/2 oz. fl. US

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part of the line of finger and toe nail and cuticle care products by Salon Science / Salon Sciences

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