Bitter Bite - anti nail biting top coat by Salon Sciences

Nancy K Brown : Bitter Bite - anti nail biting top coat by Salon Sciences
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BITTER BITE - anti nail biting top coat

You will start to stop nail biting with the very first application ... safely, effectively and effortlessly with Salon Sciences Bitter Bite.

  • helps stop annoying, destructive and unhealthy nail biting habits
  • helps stop cuticle biting
  • helps stop thumb and finger sucking
  • leaves a long lasting bitter taste on the nail's surface (which can not be rinsed off or washed easily from the mouth) - acting as a deterrent to putting fingers in the mouth
  • easy, one coat application
  • forms a protective high gloss finish
  • encourages natural nail growth, by hardening and strenthening the nail
  • will not wash off
  • if bitten into, will spread throughout the mouth leaving a disgusting, lingering bitter taste which lasts for hours

WHEN TO USE: when nail biting or thumb / finger sucking is a concern

HOW TO USE: apply one (1) coat Bitter Bite to clean, dry, bare nails, free of all traces of oil, soap, or cuticle preparations. Use alone or over nail polish as topcoat. Apply one coat every other day as a topcoat. Apply on top of nail surface and around and under the free edge of the nail. Remove weekly with a gentle polish remover. Reapply. Continue this regimen until the nail biting habit has been broken and stopped.

15ml / 1/2 oz. fl. US


part of the line of finger and toe nail and cuticle care products by Salon Science / Salon Sciences

Please note: Common sense caution applies. For external use only. Always patch test any product before use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Flammable, keep away from flame. Do not inhale. Keep away from infants and children.