Power unit / transformer NG 5/E Proxxon

Nancy K Brown : Power unit / transformer NG 5/E Proxxon
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Power unit / transformer NG 5/E by Proxxon

Micromot AC Adaptor NG 5/E for use with the Micromot 60/E Power Tool / Drill / File.


  • Noryl casing outer construction (heat resistant material, recommended for power units / transformers)
  • compact and practical design
  • sturdy, heavy duty construction
  • capacity of 5.0A at 16V no load and 12 Volt under load = 60VA (DC)
  • primary supply at 110 - 120V
  • thyristor electronic control (with feedback) allows for optimum tool speed and high torque at low speeds
  • 3 polarized sockets for MICROMOT machines, so up to 3 different tools can be plugged in at any one time
  • 1 pair of sockets for standard banana plugs with 5/32" (4mm) diameter.
  • master switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug
  • red LED light indicates "ready"
  • PTC (positive temperature coefficient) element protects your machine against overload

Comes with:

  • master switch for turning off the transformer without needing to unplug
  • variable spped control
  • foldable tool rest keeps your MICROMOT tool ready for being used and standing by safely
  • storage holes to store and organize your bits for easy access [for bits with shaft diameters of 3/32" and 7/64" (2.35 and 3mm)]

Resetting unit in case of overload: if PTC (positive temperature coefficient) has engaged:

  • after overload a plugged in machine will not restart automatically
    • do following procedure:
      • allow unit to cool-down
      • after cooled down, unplug the AC wall plug briefly
      • plug AC wall plug back-in and you are ready to go
notice: Common sense caution applies. Use unit as directed in accompanying instructions and for its intended purpose only.