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Aloe Vera SKIN MOISTURIZERS - step 5

Moisturization is the finishing / final step in your skin care regime. Protecting your skin during the day or at night. A moisturizer's functions vary, depending upon what your skin's condition and needs are, and what you wish to achieve.

The functions of moisturizers range from:
  • simple surface moisturization / lubrication of the skin
  • smoothing and calming the skin
  • locking / sealing in the skin's hydration (internal water content) - introduced by your hydrator (Step 4)
  • protecting the skin from environmental stresses and pollution
  • provide Sun Care / Protection and environmental protection
  • additional therapeutic benefits

Contrary to what many skin care companies may wish you to believe, moisturizers can not provide hydration - the replenishing of the internal water levels of your skin - for this you need a hydrator (see Step 4 - Aloe Vera Hydrators for this). The function, formulation and role of moisturizers precludes this.

Nancy K. Brown aloe vera skin care products offer you a wide range of the world's best Aloe Vera moisturizers, with 100% pure Whole Leaf Cold Processed Aloe Vera. The choices for moisturization range from moisturizers providing the basics to those addressing advanced issues, for day-time or night-time moisturization. Please select the Aloe Vera moisturizer which is appropriate for the time of day, skin type and addresses your needs.